Jan Schnedler published the book Managing Director from his Series German Startup Law

The limited liability company (GmbH) is Germany’s most popular legal form for startups. Being a managing director can be a stressful role, therefore it is vital to know the legal rights and obligations. This book explains you the obligation and rights of the managing director as a representative of a company and the following questions: What are the rights and duties of the managing director? What are the rules of procedure for the management (Geschäftsordnung der Geschäftsführung)? What should you observe when signing the Managing Director Employment Contract? What happens at the Shareholders‘ meetings (Gesellschafterversammlung)? How much may a shareholder-director (Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter) earn? What is the different between a Shareholder-Managing Director and the Third Party Managing Directors (Fremdgeschäftsführer) ? What are the consequence in case of wrongly unpaid social security contributions? Possibilities for risk reduction for the Managing Director? The Duties of the Managing Director in times of crisis Obligation to file for insolvency (Involvenzantragspflicht) „Resignation“ (Amtsniederlegung) Checklist: Managing directors‘ duties in a crisis Sample: Managing Director Employment Contract


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